Sunday, October 19, 2014

Double Play Reggae Sunday with a new track from the living legend known as U-Roy. We only smoke that high grade and if you don’t too then you better upgrade.

U- Roy Feat. Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal - High Grade

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Reggae Sunday has arrived to bring those positive vibes and keep those dreams alive. I hope everyone has a magnificent day today and may those good vibes be with you. If life is hard & times are tough just know I believe in you, in each in every one of you. We can make can through the trials & tribulations. One Love.

10 Ft. Ganja Plant - Oleander

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Half-life Heart Attack

split-finger smile
deceptive nature
dinner under the table
scraps in tinfoil
hats for the loony bin
sinning for the sinners
losing for the winners

chicken finger desert trips
with grandmother & ludwig
van beethoven meatball subs

I like pulling my own triggers
to taste the sound
of ticking clocks

this foul year of Our Lord, 1971

I was polishing
JFK’s glass chin
when a women walked in
& asked me about my saxophone
& called me Kenny

Gee, I couldn’t see
why the landscape
was crooning into the sun
the day was almost over
but it was far from done

So I melted some wax
onto a blank sheet of paper
exhaust pipe vapor

mouthed off to the neighbor
about Jesus Christ,
Our Lord, and Failure

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Alter State

bar fight scars
cover the alter
with blind babies
in a lost desert
the shadow of promises
on a bewildered mountain
the sky commanded a sacrifice

injected delurium
waking dreams
sightless overlords

Master Baiter

tasted the poison apple
  under spot-light interrogations
    magic bullet trajectory
      through the minds of the living dead
treading water//drowning the father
        leading the sheep to slaughter
          blood lust smothers
forsaken brothers//back-stabbed lovers                                                   

            the atom bomb detonates
              as cockroaches procreate
                while god masturbates


we dance as fire
we cry with the rain
we grow like earth
& die just the same

Tower Of Truths

seek internal salvation
bound by a god with no nation
shall we drown in commiseration
or keep living in eternal frustration

my life has been
one drawn-out hallucination
preaching naked at the alter
Oh! the humiliation

let us seek out own creation
piece together our own formation
fight through all this devastation
let us build our own foundation

Sacrificing Shadow

bound by ropes
tied to the alter
of the all-father

manic laughing
ceaseless pain
interludes of rain

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday is here with plenty of extra reggae vibes to spare. Hopefully everyone is able to have a beautiful and wonderful day. This week I have gone with the classic tunes of Steel Pulse.

Steel Pulse - Macka Splaff

(Source: Spotify)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cursed Out

I couldn’t quit
swapping spit
& chewing the fat
crossing the black cat

with a broken rabbits’ foot
covered in volcano soot
we spoke in tongues

I couldn’t quit
crossing the line
forever nonexistent
& always wasting time

Melody Of Madness

a storm blinking away
my happiness, night & day
fortunes told through
the soothsayers’ play

erasing the past
my last gasp my final swing
the mockingbird sings

of narcissistic kings
aged bloodstained rings
I have eroded this earth
& was lost at birth

digital guerrilla warfare
with parasitic systems
sporadic static
holograms of havoc


asphalt gravediggers
eager fingers resting
on triggers

ready to deliver
the hammers’ blow

the first fall of snow
will bury my path
so nobody will know


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