Thursday, July 24, 2014

Arise Chicken, Arise

lies beget lies
I found a suprise
between your theighs
not one, but two
chicken pot pies

the helpless sheep cries
that the guillotine doesn’t cum
in her size

too much salt
on these mcdonald’s fries
I can hypothetically feel
my blood pressure starting to rise

Shoeless Joe

I am sinking
through the floorboards
at an unreasonable pace

I burned my social security card
& the american flag

with a plastic grocery bag
covering my face

feed me your propaganda
through this image box

& I will throw the world series
like the black sox

irregular heart beat/ monochrome cornucopia 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In matters of war
there are no winners

the image in the mirror
is a preprogrammed hologram

do not believe the lies
propaganda clouds logic
leaving humanity rabid

we must learn to distinguish
fact from fiction
the image in the mirror
is not your soul

just a digital mirage
that keeps you idly focused
on a false water supply

while it is being stolen
from underneath
your weary feet

jaywalking backwards/ Katy Perry

Monday, July 21, 2014

Don’t you get get?
Do you understand it now?

Earth was destroyed 100 years ago. During the evacuation some survived,
but most didn’t. The ones that did survive, like you and I, were send into deep space in stasis pods that were programmed to take us to another inhabitable planet. This reality, the one you see day to day is nothing but an active cryogenic sleep history lesson. Your dreams aren’t really dreams, they’re meta-dreams and the deeper you go into the rabbit hole the more sense it begins makes. At the end of this history lesson we will wake up and start anew. Please don’t do anything rash because when you perish is this waking reality your stasis pod will terminate you. When I wake up on this new planet, I want to see your face, I want to see everyone’s face. Together we can do this. I promise.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday has arrived which can only mean one thing, good vibes & reggae music. Hopefully everyone has a marvelously magical day. I wish everyone around this world the best. To those who are struggling, may your fortunes change. This week I decided to play one of the innovators to modern reggae, Bad Brains. One Love

Bad Brains - I Luv I Jah

(Source: Spotify)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bread & Water

For lunch
bread & water

I thought
do not hold me to
an image of the father

his soul is fire
mine is earth

mother, water,
taught me life
after my birth

what do you find worth in?
The cycle of corruption will cease to exist if you learn to find the light within. No, I am not speaking of some higher power. We, you and me, all of us, are Gods & Goddesses even after the mark of our final hour.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fingers Crossed

leave me
in the dark
before dawn destroys
my dynamic disillusioned dystopia

cradle me
in the afterglow
of temperamental failures

before I become a desert
of buried beauty

before I become a star
lying straight
into your eyes

Todays’ Peace Will Be Tomorrows’ Revolution

the end is an imminent
overhead chandelier swaying
above an unbeknownst party

in principle they may be called sheeple
in the overlord sense of those blindly following
the rest of the flock off the cliffs’ edge

i only wish to make the wedge
between the rich & the poor more apparent
because i want a french revolutions
where we, the poor,
drag the bastards from their houses
& cut their throats in the streets

letting them bleed out 
like the dirty mongrels
that they profess us to be

I Was A Coffee Table Last Night, & Tonight I’m Bedtime Story

we can’t quite figure
down from up//left from right

when we woke up
at night//& fell asleep
as dawn broke

we couldn’t tell the difference
if we’re wide awake//or this is nothing
but our waking dream

but I had a premonition that
// somewhere //we’re// in-between //

an orgy of brilliant minds/ tree house passion/ summer love/ aviation theory/ mechanical security/ apple-tongued tease/ her lovely pomegranate/ sweet nectar/ summer love migrates/ an attempt to avoid the inevitable fall/ bitter winter

Thursday, July 17, 2014

we are neverending
constantly in motion

even as we sleep
our minds
are roaming free


the more I struggle to find the approximate value of life
the more I am able to appreciate that each step along the way
only brings me closer to death, yet life is perfect
in retrospect, always in retrospect,
but that is unimportant
when I live in the here
& exist in the now.


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