Monday, September 15, 2014

Fictional Friction

Sleepwalking dead
shotguns for pillows
bleeding bedsheets

devouring me
ever so sweetly
folded me up in your suitcase
packing me away quite neatly

sleep babble
I only dabble
in fictional truths


the cherry of the cigarette hit the floor
someone turned off the lights & shut the door
a small spark in the dark
blood red ocean feeding the sharks
flames licked the canvas trail
memories and memoirs set sail
a norse funeral beyond the pale
the words were never meant to see the light of day
so I burnt them down with my house of cards anyway

[submitted by ionofalion]

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chronixx with his universal language of love & struggle on the track.

Chronixx - Ain’t No Giving In

(Source: Spotify)

Sunday is here with plenty of good vibes to spare. This week I will be posting back 2 back reggae tracks since I was MIA last weekend. This first track is performed by an up and coming artist with an great voice & vibe. G. Cole sings about Ocho Rios like a lover he can’t wait to return to. Relax & enjoy the good vibes, One Love.

G. Cole, The Wraps and Kush Band - Ocho Rios

(Source: Spotify)

Friday, September 5, 2014


i deeply exhaled
then as i opened my mouth
a murder of crows flew out
i had mourned
the death of odin

the old adage
was always true,
gods can die too

Calico Convulsion

a stranger
in my own skin
the sins of adolescence
have taught me about the monster
inside the childlike frame

insane light-post
drunken nights on the town
too late to turn around
in this game of chicken

the cliffs’ edge calls
as leaves of fall fell
I’m changing seasons
for no reason

a matchbook
with no matches
I might be going under
so batten down the hatches


ate my weight
in psychedelic mushrooms

& felt the world turn for the first time
& tasted the essence of life in the wind
& felt like I was being born

chloroform handkerchief
pulling coins
from behind a childs’ ear

woke up at 3am
roamed the desert
searching for answers

found a cactus
that spoke to me
then disappeared

when I came to
I still had some thorns
in my crown

wore the world
upside down
until it looked normal

King of the Ring, June 28, 1998

the colossus
arises & agitates
the slumber of satellites
the axis slides
strutting on stilts
with a fractured whiskey bottle
in hand, while life moves like sand
over the reticent Sahara

the children knock
on the ghastly gateway
& run away

we our forbidden
from entering eternity
the door is locked

better yet
the door never existed

but maybe one day
we’ll find one
that will return us
from uncharted isolation

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Atoned My Sins To The Silent Trees

the private sector & corporate lies
keyboards posing as nooses
disguised as neckties

capitalistic corruption
the downfall of nature
will be our mutual self-destruction

so I want to plant trees
in memoriam of the word

Misguided Fireflies

reversed course
in a long black hearse
while I stuttered the curse
which only made my situation worse

the walls were bleeding
as my girlfriend was cheating

you woke the dead
when you said
we’re over

so now
in my spare time
I practice necromancy

Wearin’ Those Blues Shoes

I can hear a freight train
screaming on those tracks

I ain’t never goin’
No, I ain’t never goin’ back

to that town, to that future
to that homemade heart attack

No, I ain’t goin’
No, I ain’t never going back

the future once looked so bright
but those lights have faded to black

so I’m out here singin’

No, I ain’t goin’
No, I ain’t never goin’ back

Thursday, August 28, 2014

semi-truck control failure/ icy roads/ trying to sleep in a dream/ can’t shake it off/ movie theater brutality/ adolescent rage/ dream amnesia/ worn out places/ climbed up the arm of a goliath/ drunken triangle-armbar/ failure/ self-doubt/ fear of reflections

Collegiate Quandary

life is brimming
teething on the teat
early morning motherly sun

the day has only yet begun
with legs outstretched
& ready to run

come children—
let us have our fun
before this day is done

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Glass Colored Acid Soundtrack

I feel like I won the lottery
through shell games
& white picket fences

I’m in the winners circle
circling my own tail
going counterclockwise—
for eternity

endlessly beginning
this never ending plotline
while jumping out
a window of time

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Oh whats a feeling Sunday brings, oh how those three little birds sing. I hope everyone is able to have a majestic day. We have inherited this earth and generations after us will inherit it as well, so let’s take care of it & love one another in the process. Peace & positive vibes to all.

Wailing Souls - Oh What A Feeling

(Source: Spotify)


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